Excellent workmanship in all details!

Customized High Quality Mold Manufacturing

We produce metal molds for the needs of our customers from the White Goods, Automotive and Furniture industries to the Defense Industry. We process tons of metals every day and produce hundreds of different molds every year!

Detay Mould

High quality in every detail with over 23 years of production experience!

Our company consists of 25.000 m² open and 5.000 m² closed area. We adopt customer-oriented service with ISO 9001: 2008 quality standard. While operating in accordance with EU norms, we operate with high precision with our fully computer aided manufacturing process.

Many regions we serve in the world ; In Europe- Germany, In Africa- Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Libya and in the Middle East with Iran, Syria .

Our Production Facility

Take a closer look at our production facility with the video we prepared in 2016!

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The way to perfection is shaping in details!

CNC Machines

We serve with Dahlih CNC 3200×1600, Arion CNC 1500×700 and Wire Saw , Trimming and Bending machines.

Press Machines

We serve with Yadon 315 Ton H Type ve 200 Ton C Type (Double Point), Yangli, Ozsan and Ekosan press machines.

Other Machines

We serve also with Firs Milling Machine and Servo Trimming & Bedding machine  for you.

Our References;

Since 1997 we have produced metal molds for hundreds of different brands. In our devoted business, we are proud to serve you with honesty and satisfy you with our fully computer aided process in EU standards.

We can produce all kinds of molds you need!

Main Sectors We Serve

From the ceiling systems to the Ministry of Defense , we effectively produce all kinds of metal formwork systems that you may need.

We produce metal molds for many domestic and foreign brands producing white goods.

We produce metal molds for many domestic and foreign brands producing furniture.

We produce metal molds for many brands in the automotive industry.

Software systems we use

We continue our R & D studies without slowing down with the software systems we use.


Our machine park, which we strengthen every day with domestic and foreign machines.

Press Shop

  • Ekosan Hydraulic Press 400 Tonne
  • Hürsan Hydraulick Press 400 Tonne
  • Yadon Eccentric Press 315 Tonne H Type
  • Yangli Eccentric Press 200 Tonne H Type
  • Yadon Eccentric Press160 C Type (Double binding)
  • Yangli Eccentric Press 125 Tonne C Type
  • Yangli Eccentric Press 80 Tonne C Type
  • Özsan Press 40 Tonne C Type

Press Shop

  • CNC Bottom Cutting and Folding Machine
  • Servo controlled Bottom Cutting and Folding Machine
  • Uncoiler 3000 Tonne
  • Uncoiler 6000 Tonne
  • Sheet Metal Slitting Machine 400, 800, 1000 mm
  • Scissors Lift 1200mm
  • Special Welding Line
  • Custom Sheet Metal Forming Line

Molding Room

  • Dahlih CNC 3200x1600 Vertical Machining Center
  • Arion CNC 1500x700 Vertical Machining Center
  • Makino DUO 43 Wire Cut CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine
  • First Molder Milling
  • Proxth NC Grinder
  • Taksan Grinder
  • TOS Lathe
  • Tapping Machine
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